Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh shit oh shit oh shit

As National "leaders" sit on their thumbs, bicker amongst themselves and generally do all they can to be as anti-productive as possible, failing on the Public Policy front... Central banks step in and put another thin bandage on our global economy's big sucking chest wound.

Meanwhile, in a huge move reminiscent of the worst days of the financial crisis, the biggest central banks in the world — the ECB, the Fed, the the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank — have announced a massive coordinate injection of unlimited three-month liquidity, designed “to offer banks as many dollars as they needed”.

C'mon Greece. Default already. The backstops are in place for it.

Next crisis comin' at ya'.
Plenty more shoes to drop; plenty more pain.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

El-Erian the Wordsmith

A whole lotta nuthin going on
"With structural impediments to both economic growth and the safe de-levering of excessive indebtedness, America’s economy is succumbing to the cumulative impact of policy shortfalls and political dysfunction. If President Obama’s speech from last Thursday fails to act as a dramatic economic and political catalyst, it is just a matter of time before America tips into another recession, unemployment rises even further, and a growing number of households and small companies are forced into bankruptcy."
Way to harsh my buzz, Mo.

Monday, September 12, 2011

top 10... or 3... or whatever hidden tiger traps

The ECONOMY and YOU!!!!!!

1. Oil Dependency keeps us in the crosshairs. Fluctuations in the price of oil are a constant threat to a recovery path. Some say the past decade would have been better spent weaning ourselves off oil than spending those several trillion dollars in  waging war  nation building.

2. INSOLVENCY - in millions of mortgages and in various banks, except they are refusing to refi and hiding those mortgages from their official books to appear solvent as their Execs rape their institutions with record salaries and bonuses. SOUND FAMILIAR? Christopher Whalen harps on the subject non-stop, no one is listening.

3. GOP / Tea  Bagger  Party obstructionist Congress douchebags causing harm protecting Plutocrats while pretending to protect "real" Americans. What sane person would threaten sovereign default and then call the head of the Fed Treasonous when he uses his limited powers to mitigate the damage? An evil Texas Tea-Bagger Governor would, that's who.
That is like chopping some dudes arm off with a machete, throwing the arm in the river and then when a medic comes to wrap a bandage around the bloody stump, yelling at the medic, "hey, why are you hurting this dude?"
Ladie and Gentlemen, meet Rick Perry.
annnnnd RICK PERRY